Chris Pine: The Thinker

Chris Pine: The Thinker | Out Magazine
Cover Story, June/July 2013

Is Chris Pine too smart for his own good? Or just ours?

Many, many outtakes & extended thoughts were also posted:

Chris on having many flaws, the Avedonian photos taken of him for this shoot, and where he’d like to be at 40; on the (excellent) indie film People Like Us; on Kirk, Spock and Star Trek: Into Darkness; on Harrison Ford as Jack Ryan; on not talking about Tom Clancy’s terrible politics.

Full Q&A with Zachary Quinto about Chris.

Kenneth Branagh gushing about how Chris is, like Paul Newman, a character actor in a leading man’s body.

Zachary and Kenneth both contributing new adjectives to describe those blue, blue eyes.

And more thinky rambling from me about how Chris totally ruined the curvehow to interview smart people, how I almost killed this interview before it began, and some details either Chris or I got wrong and readers who corrected us.